Small Business Solutions Overview



More often in business today with the associated complications that emerging technologies can introduce, IT solutions are therefore becoming more complex too.

This is especially true for small businesses who often struggle with the implementation of such technology in a cost effective manner. There’s always the case to increase productivity whilst taking a greener approach to working environment, this is being achieved by the virtualisation revolution role in IT based systems which even extends to small businesses.

SMEs can take advantage of this technology by planning ahead without a huge investment up front to include capacity planning & future proofing today’s investment in any such technology.

So an initial investment into Information based Technology is key to any successful small business and should be seen as just that. Too many SMEs see technology as an after thought, a bit like fixing a broken car where there is virtually no Return On Investment in the majority of cases.

Alternatively a good IT based solution will see positive results in production, reliability and user confidence by having the right tools to do the job. Any such solution in today’s business should be implemented effectively for a period of 3 yrs with tangible benefits being the key like: telecommuters, remote secure access to company applications and resources from anywhere inc. mobile offices. Statistically over 40% of small businesses do not even have a website presence -  hard to believe in this age! However a lot of these companies may be found by a direct listing on Google Maps but not by an enquiry that necessarily relates to your business, a website is a fundamental tool in this case that potentially generates an income stream.

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