Standard Operating Environment (SOE)

No matter how much time someone spends supporting your in-house computer systems, there always seems to be the age-old problem that no 2 PC's within the company are ever the same.

What if this were possible?

For example: Tom spends hours producing a document/drawing and all of a sudden his PC dies due to a hardware fault. After the initial panic, Tom realises that he can use Jan's PC to continue his work, and then get the document out to the client on time.

How? Employe the SOE

It's possible because the company's standard templates live on the LAN, Tom has a roaming profile that gives him his PC Desktop throughout the company, ie: Free Seating, no-one in the company is tied to a location due to this functionality.

What's the ROI?

The return on the investment obviously will depend on an analysis of your current IT expenditure, but typically it could be as little as 18 months. Equally though, what's the cost to your business if your key systems are down? This can be quantified by your systems reliability, lack of standard applications and PC crashes, which all contribute to loss of productivity.

But we are Standard!

The common misconception that every PC running Windows and Ms Office in the company creates standard, this however doesn't mean you have a Standard Operating Environment.

Can you solve our IT Problems?

Reliability? Productivity? The Key!

What we all strive for in runnning a business, but in order to succeed equally on par with business, IT must be given the same consideration. A total affordable solution based on your requirements that give you the technological edge on your competitors. This is the goal. The SOE will deliver reliability, increased productivity and the confidence that your staff needs in order to meet today's business demands.

SOE Systems Benefits

  • High System availability, virtually no down time
  • Highly reduced support cost, in some cases up to 50% on the desktop
  • Every PC is identical in terms of functionality and standard applications
  • The ability to rapidly rebuild any PC governed by the SOE System
  • Controlled environment & Standard Configurations
  • Increased productivity